Plasticulture give a tremendous contribution an intensive ecological agriculture and the circular economy.

Plasticulture plays an increasing role in the growing demand of the mankind feeding. Plasticulture improves production in quantity and quality, using less pesticides, fertilizers, water and labour. Since the beginning, the plasticulture community is involved in the environment protection, bettering the environmental impact of the agricultural production. Once collected, plastics wastes from agriculture can be recycled and in various countries users and coverters are commited to a “plastic neutral balance farming”.

CIPA acts in the interest of the plasticulture community in order to promote the responsible usage of plastic in agriculture, from conception to reincorporation in new products after collection of used plastics.

APE Europe is the European professional association – grouping 80% of the market – promoting a responsible use of plastics in agriculture and supporting the development of voluntary collection and recycling schemes.

CPA integrates research institutes, manufacturers and distributors of plastics in agriculture, that improves crops qualities and yields. It’s missioned to promote their responsible use and manage the recovery and recycling of used plastics.

MAPLA is the professional association for plastics in agriculture in Spain, gathering converters and importers of films, twines, nets and other related products. MAPLA manages a national collection scheme for used agri-plastics operated by AgriCirPlast, a non-profit company integrating converters, farmers and distributors.

APE UK ensures the representation of agri-plastics in the UK and operates a national collection scheme for used products covering films, twine and nets with the participation of all the value chain. APE UK is involved in the Circular Plastic Alliance and promotes the circularity of plastics for agriculture.


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Plastipedia-agriculture is reference documentary base of plastics in agriculture.

Plasticulture Magazine is the international reference journal of plasticulture.